“Urban Cowboy Experience™” is a proposed new country bar and tourist attraction for the desperately ignored Las Vegas, Nevada market.

This proposal is part of the GilleysMuseum.com project to bring an “Urban Cowboy” style country bar, combined with the world famous GilleysMuseum.com collection of memorabilia from the “Urban Cowboy” film, the original Gilley’s Club in Pasadena, Texas, Johnny Lee’s Club, Nesadel Club, and the old Gilley’s that was inside the now demolished Frontier Casino, back to Las Vegas.

Mickey Gilley himself, while visiting on February 18, 2013 along with his personal manager, described the GilleysMuseum.com collection as the biggest and best collection of Gilley’s and Urban Cowboy memorabilia in the world. He was blown away by the number and quality of extremely rare and one-of-a-kind pieces. (Don’t be fooled by the items listed on GilleysMuseum.com. They are just a very small sampling of what the collection holds. We stopped counting at 1000 pieces over 2 years ago! The number now is probably over 2000.)

And it was Mickey Gilley himself who sent the producers of CMT’s “Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s” documentary to GilleysMuseum.com for access to this incredible collection, which we are proud to say is a very important part of the film. It premiered in June of 2015 and is like a 2 hour infomercial for the club.

Here is a screen shot of our first position Special Credit.

Special Thanks credit for Glenn "Bubba" Sobel and gilleysmuseum.com at the end of the CMT "Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley" documentary.

Special Thanks credit for Glenn “Bubba” Sobel and gilleysmuseum.com at the end of the CMT “Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s” documentary.

Here’s a screen shot of Glenn “Bubba” Sobel, owner of GilleysMuseum.com and UrbanCowboyExperience.com as seen in CMT’s “Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s” documentary.

CMT Urban Cowboy doc screenshot with credit - cropped


And here is the link to the documentary itself:

http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:uma:videolist:cmt.com:1736351/cp~instance%3Dfullepisode%26autoPlay%3Dfalse%26id%3D1736351%26uri%3Dmgid%3Auma%3Avideolist%3Acmt.com%3A1736351 (My first short clip is at just under 9 minutes into the show.)


So why “Urban Cowboy Experience”™?


The phrase “Urban Cowboy” has become ingrained in the minds of country fans the world over. Not only does the cult classic film continue to play on cable stations all over the planet (making it a free 2+ hour infomercial for the club), it has been used by marketing professionals to sell everything from Urban Cowboy labeled knives and jackets to Urban Cowboy branded stout beer, Urban Cowboy Pizza, an Urban Cowboy food truck, and much more.

Miranda Lambert wore an “I Rode The Bull at Gilley’s” tank top in promoting her first CD, “Kerosene” in 2005, kicking off her incredible career and again reminding us of the huge significance Urban Cowboy and the sight of Debra Winger riding the bull played in the history of country music.

Remember, it was Sherwood Cryer, the genius behind the original Gilley’s who first put the training tool of professional bull riders into a bar, and Urban Cowboy that turned the now famous mechanical bull into a mainstay of bars all over the world.

The “experience” will be rounded out with additional features such as a bar scene  set up for visitors to pose for photos, along with musical and other “performances” reminiscent of scenes from “Urban Cowboy”.




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